Helpful Tips for People with Social Anxiety


Social anxiety causes you to feel extremely preoccupied by how others perceive you. You become plagued with worries about whether someone is judging you negatively.

People who have social anxiety may think everyone is looking down on them or no one likes them. They don’t feel comfortable speaking up in front of other people, trying to make friends, or asking others on a date.

This can make socially anxious people, who strongly desire to have good social connections, very unhappy. People with social anxiety want to enjoy a rich social life, but they are held back by their self-consciousness and fear of failure.

People with social anxiety can also find themselves unable to advance in their career. This is because many careers involve frequent social interaction, teamwork and networking. For a person who is afraid to speak his or her mind, these things can be extremely stressful.

Many people who have social anxiety want to change their life for the better.

An article on PsychCentral offers tips for people with social anxiety who want to move past their condition and enjoy a better quality of life.

The article includes some basic advice and specific techniques people who have social anxiety can use to feel more comfortable and confident in themselves. Learning how to accept criticism and to interact in spite of some fear or discomfort is key.

To read the article and find out more about overcoming social anxiety, click on the link found here:

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