Healthy Habits in Early Life May Prevent Depression


Can exercise really help you with depression? According to a new study, it may.

Pharmacist and blogger Jennifer Gibson describes how exercising regularly can affect depression later in life. It seems that people who were in good shape at age 18 were much less likely to become depressed later on. Good heart health was especially important in determining whether someone was in good mental health at as an older adult. Exercise was shown to be an effective means of preventing (though not necessarily treating) mental health conditions like depression.

For more details on the study, follow the link below.

Physically Fit and Depression Free – Brain Blogger (blog)

Brain Blogger (blog)Physically Fit and Depression FreeBrain Blogger (blog)Physical health and mental health often go hand-in-hand, but it is not always clear which comes first, or which influences the other, or how long the effects last. But, a new s …

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