Google Searches Reveal Surprising Information about Depression


Depression is a mental health condition that sufferers describe as all-encompassing and difficult to see past. Depression can make you feel hopeless, worthless, and powerless to change your circumstances. Healthy people feel hope for their future and are driven to make positive changes in their life. Depression takes away your ability to do these things, and it usually makes it extremely difficult to find the strength to even look for a proactive way to deal with the disorder.

Unfortunately, this combination of despair and helplessness can make some people consider suicide. But the ease with which people can access potentially life-saving information about depression (or just reach out to others who can support them) is increasing. Thanks to popular search engines like Google, people can instantaneously learn facts about depression and where they can go to get help.

A research professor from San Diego University, John W. Ayers, was interested in the seasonal changes in mental health illnesses like depression. In order to see if there may be a connection between the weather outside and depression, he studied the statistics for Google searches. He found that there were many more searches for conditions such as depression, “ADHD, anorexia, obsessive compulsive disorder…and even suicide” in the winter. The trend was consistent across countries.

To read more about the Google statistics research, visit the link below.

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