Fillings May Be Related to Increased Anxiety, Depression


Cavity fillings may actually be linked to higher levels of anxiety and depression in children. The chemical which is currently being studied in relation to the aforementioned mental health disorders is BPA. Higher levels of this chemical can be found in a number of common household products and foods.

Children in the study who had fillings which contain BPA were much more likely to have serious psychological problems.

For now, it seems that there may be a correlation between anxiety and depression in children with BPA-containing cavity fillings. However, the results from more studies are needed before a conclusive statement can be made on the effects of the fillings. For the most part, the fillings appear to be safe for your kids. If concerned, parents have the option of asking for a different type of filling for their child.

Worse Than a Cavity – Daily Beast

Daily BeastWorse Than a CavityDaily BeastParents may have new reason to fear the dentist’s chair: a study suggests kids with a popular type of cavity filling—that happens to contain BPA—may be at higher risk for anxiety and depression, reports Floren …

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