Fashionista: Young Woman Uses Creativity to Battle OCD, Panic


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder which makes you feel extremely anxious if you do not follow a set pattern of behaviors or thought processes.

Here’s an example: An obsessive-compulsive who is preoccupied with germs and contamination may think he or she is only clean after three rigorous sessions of hand-washing. If the obsessive-compulsive person runs out of time or is otherwise unable to wash his or her hands the third time, the anxiety mounts.

Throughout the day, the person with OCD may continue to think of his or her “dirty” hands and feel nervous, ill and worried. It is likely that he or she will need to correct the behavior by returning to the place where the hand-washing occurred and doing a proper set of three washes.

Adhering to a set of strange behaviors and thoughts can both create and dispel anxiety in an obsessive-compulsive.

A young lady who had panic attacks and OCD noticed that her compulsive routines often interfered with her day-to-day life. She found herself being increasingly late to school and other events. She began to limit her outings because of her anxiety and panic. This had a negative effect on her social life as well as her performance in school.

Instead of being defeated by her fears, the young woman from the UK found a way to channel her anxiety into a creative and positive outlet. She came up with her own fashion designs based on the feelings inspired by OCD. She is now attending university and marketing her trendy outfits to major boutiques.

To read more about the brave fashionista and see her novel designs, click on the link here:

Photo Credit: nattu via Compfight cc

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