Facts and Findings to Fight Social Phobia


People with social phobia feel extremely anxious about how others see them. Above all, social phobics fear being negatively judged (criticized, found inadequate, seen as undesirable or unlikable, etc.). This inhibits their ability to feel confident and comfortable around other people. Making friends and finding a romantic partner can be difficult for a person with social phobia who does not know how to overcome the fear and anxiety.

It’s been shown that social phobics (and people with other types of phobias) display differences in their brain activity. When first presented with the object of their fear (for a social phobic, a social situation), they feel overwhelmed and highly fearful. Accordingly, their brain reacts strongly and excessively; in a healthy individual, this over-reaction does not occur.

Researchers in a new study found that while the initial reaction in a social phobic’s brain is very strong, eventually the activity declines and returns to a normal state.

To read about a man who managed to defeat his social phobia, visit the link below this article. The piece also contains valuable information on how to recognize social phobia, and it describes the experiment on brain activity mentioned above.


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