What Is Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety?


With electric vehicles becoming more and more common, a new type of anxiety has emerged. It is referred to as “range anxiety”. It pertains to the anxiety that some experience when they are driving an electric vehicle and are worried about their vehicle’s battery dying and not being anywhere near an electric charging station. It also encompasses the fear that a catastrophe may take place and electricity will be unavailable, therefor rendering their car useless. As more charging stations pop up, this new anxiety should diminish. To read more about range anxiety, visit the sources below:

Electric Car Range Anxiety – Hawaii Business – May 2012 – Hawaii


It may not run on fossil fuels, but electric cars present its own new sets of challenges.


connEVted: Robert Llewellyn on range anxiety


In the pantheon of anxieties the world has on offer the one I am most often exposed to in my interactions within the rich and diverse online community is never about the global drinking water shortage, the massive burden of


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Range Anxiety” is a completely real newly made-up term. The Volt is an electric vehicle with extended-range capability (E-REV). Neither a The on-board petrol powered generator extends it’s range to over 500 kilometers.

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