Effects of Teen Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety disorders cause you to feel burdened by constant worrying and uneasiness. They make it difficult for you to function normally and can cause you to experience physical complications, as well.

Depression is another serious mental health condition which can have far-reaching effects in your life. Being depressed can make you feel too hopeless and drained to enjoy or pursue anything. Sometimes depression can even cause you to lash out at other people because of an inability to deal with the emotional pain and emptiness.

For a teenager who has to cope with depression or anxiety, experiencing a normal and healthy life can seem impossible. Teens already have to deal with the stress of growing up and taking on new responsibilities, so it can be even more overwhelming for them to develop anxiety or depression.

A study from a university in China revealed information about teenage students who struggle with anxiety and/or depression. High school students, specifically, took part in the survey.

The researchers found that many of the students who had experienced anxiety also had recent issues with depression.

One of the more shocking findings from the survey showed that a large number of students who suffered from anxiety had used drugs (especially alcohol).

If you would like to find out more about anxiety in adolescents, you can read about the study by following the link below. The article describes how the study was conducted and provides specific percentages regarding the teens surveyed.


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