Effects of Reducing Stress in MS Patients


Stress can hurt your body in a number of ways. It can make you sick to your stomach, cause you to get headaches, and create uncomfortable tension in your neck and shoulders.

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) seem to be even more sensitive to the effects of stress. Excessive stress can cause a re-occurrence of unpleasant symptoms in people with MS, who often suffer from muscle problems, vision problems, and fatigue.

New research shows that reducing stress in people with MS may help them to experience less symptoms and relapses. The participants in the study were shown to have less symptoms after a period of using stress management techniques. However, the results also indicate that long-term use of the strategies is necessary to maintain the improvements.

Stress Management May Prevent MS Brain Lesions – WebMD


Stress Management May Prevent MS Brain LesionsWebMDTeaching MS patients how to deal with stress can improve their quality of life — and may also prevent or slow down formation of new brain lesions, according to a new study.Reducing stress reduced MS …

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