Effects of Exercise on the Mind and Body


You may already be aware that regular exercise is a recommended treatment for anxiety. It’s been shown to reduce stress and nervous energy. Exercise can also help with insomnia, low self-confidence, and until recently, it was even thought to help alleviate depression. A new study is making people question whether exercise really does ease depression. Others are protesting that the results of the study are being misinterpreted and that exercise can still help depressed people. In any case, regular exercise done safely is an important part of staying healthy. Visit the links below and see what you think!

Depression: Exercise advice questioned when added to standard treatments – BBC News


BBC NewsDepression: Exercise advice questioned when added to standard treatmentsBBC NewsAfter a year all 361 patients had fewer signs of depression, but there was no difference between the two groups. Current guidelines suggest sufferers do up to thr …

Exercise, depression and science miscommunication – The Guardian (blog)


Exercise, depression and science miscommunicationThe Guardian (blog)As Tom Chivers put it today, “What the study found is that people who are advised to exercise do not, on average, do better than people who are given the ordinary treatments.” The BM …

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