Drug for Depression May Treat PTSD


Severe depression can be highly resistant to treatment. Major depressive disorder (MDD),  a serious and enduring illness that includes debilitating depression, is notoriously difficult to treat. Major depression carries with it a risk of suicide, so it is absolutely necessary for it to be diagnosed by a professional and treated. Recent reports of research at Yale show the positive effects of a new drug. The drug is shown to lessen suicidal thoughts in depressed people. Researchers are hoping it will also prove to be effective in treating PTSD (Post-Traumatic stress disorder).

Yale: ‘Magic’ Antidepressant May Hold Promise For PTSD


Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have called it “the magic drug,” able to halt severe depression and suicidal thoughts in patients within a matter of hours.Ketamine, used as an anesthetic.

Elsevier Science – Elsevier

http://www.elsevier.com/May 30

Ketamine Improved Bipolar Depression within Minutes. Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry. Link to Elsevier Science & Health News. The Article of the Future is now live. Plan for the Big Career Steps in Research.

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