Does Marijuana Treat PTSD?


Some victims who have suffered from PTSD claim that they get relief when using a prescribed amount of Marijuana. However, medical fraternity and lawmakers are still not convinced about the claim. Can a minimal amount of Marijuana be actually included in the prescriptions for treating PTSD? You decide.

PTSD And Endocannabinoids |

As scientist begin to make rapid advances in understanding the body’s ability to use medical marijuana, and just how it reduces stress and anxiety. I hate the tiredness later but seems to have balance in the strain and I notice more relief. The strains I mentioned are not always available in the strongest form(you need them at their best). Anyone So for me I say marijuana has helped my PTSD and panic attacks. Of course mc doctor doesnt know I smoke. Reply

Marijuana activists try to regain PTSD petition | | How To

PTSD and Marijuana Marijuana activists try to regain PTSD petition | (author unknown) “DENVER (AP) – Marijuana advocates in C… panic, GAD, panic disorder, panic attack, anxiety. Anxiety and Nutrition

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