Did Stress Trigger A Mood Disorder in A Public Figure?


The high amount of stress associated with anxiety has been proposed to trigger mental illness in some people. This is more likely to occur in a person who is genetically predisposed to develop a disorder. For example, someone who has a family history of depression is at a higher risk becoming depressed at some point in his or her life.

In recent news, Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been said to be struggling with a mood disorder, possibly brought on by the stress of being a public figure.

A mood disorder can be a number of different things. Some have speculated that Jackson has major depression or bipolar disorder. Both illness are very serious and can be difficult to treat. Nevertheless, they can be successfully coped with and a normal quality of life can be attained.

If you want to know more about Jackson’s history and how his colleagues are responding to his condition, follow the link below.

Stress of Life in the Public Eye Might Have Fueled Jackson’s Mood Disorder … – ABC News


ABC NewsStress of Life in the Public Eye Might Have Fueled Jackson’s Mood Disorder …ABC NewsThe medical condition keeping Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. out of Congress for the past month was finally revealed and not revealed at the same time: a mood disor …

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