Creative Therapies Shown to Relieve Anxiety, Depression


Anxiety and depression are ailments that can affect even the healthiest person. When they strike someone who is already sick, however, they can make the physical illness even more difficult to bear.

A recent study on anxiety and depression examines how to lessen the effects of both mental health conditions on people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Developing a serious illness such as cancer is extremely stressful, which can make someone more prone to feeling anxious or depressed.

Traditional forms of treatment with a licensed therapist such as talk therapy can be very beneficial for people who have anxiety and/or depression. For others, the best results may be seen from a combination of therapy and prescribed medications.

For people who have cancer, taking additional medications for anxiety or depression may not be feasible.  This means that therapy may be the best way to treat these illnesses in people with cancer or other serious physical conditions.

The study mentioned before was conducted to determine how effective non-traditional therapies such as art, music and dance therapy could benefit people with anxiety and depression (especially if they also suffered from cancer).

The results of the research show that creative therapy forms can be very effective in treating physical symptoms associated with mental or physical illness. The participants in the study who did art, music or dance therapy were shown to feel less fatigued. The positive effects on their mood and energy level was noted in a sizable portion of the participants.

To learn more about the study on alternative therapy and treatment for anxiety and depression, follow the link below.

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