Confidence, Belief Influence Recovery from Anxiety and Depression


Having depression or anxiety can take a toll on your belief in yourself and on your belief in your recovery. If you are depressed or highly anxious, it’s likely that you have experienced some self-doubt. If you don’t think you’ll ever find relief from your depression or anxiety, you will be much less likely to follow a treatment plan or pursue healthy lifestyle changes.

A depressed person usually lacks the belief that recovery is possible. This is why so many people who have depression commit suicide: they are unable to see past their current state of misery.

Believing in your ability to succeed and to overcome your anxieties is important. Healthy people who do not have depression or anxiety are resilient and tend to think well of themselves.

A blog post on PsychCentral describes how people with depression or anxiety can have doubts about their self-worth. They do not think their mental health is a priority, because they do not believe they are justified in devoting their time and effort to doing what is best for them.

People who have depression or anxiety need to understand that their well-being is worth pursuing and that they deserve to be healthy. When they learn to value themselves, they are more likely to be willing to do what it takes to attain good mental health. For some this can mean ending a relationship or taking a risk.

To read more about self-worth and recovery, you can read the blog post at the link here:

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