Computers Measure Depression, Stress in Students


College students are under a significant amount of stress. Many feel pressured to excel in their classes, learn to maintain a budget, and secure a good job after graduation. They also have to get used to being away from the comfort of their home and family.

Unfortunately, this level of responsibility and independence can be too much for some young adults. When this is the case, stress, anxiety, and depression can become an issue. These mental health problems make it even more difficult for students to focus on their schoolwork and deal with everyday pressures.

A new computer-based program has been designed to screen for depression, anxiety, and overly high levels of stress. The program was developed in order to identify individuals on a college campus who may be at risk for committing suicide. The researchers hope to prevent lonely young adults from feeling disconnected and provide them with the help and resources they need to become healthy.

If you want to know more about the program and how it works, you can click on the link to read about it in greater detail.

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