Common Misconceptions About People with Phobias


Many people have misguided ideas about phobias. A phobia is an irrational fear of an object or event that is severe enough to interfere with one’s daily life. A phobic person (someone who has a phobia) is intensely disturbed by a particular object but is still capable of taking risks and being adventurous. Contrary to popular belief, a phobic person is not afraid of everything in general or unwilling to try new things. Each phobic has a unique personality, and some phobias are obscure enough that they can be concealed from others. For phobics who are unable to lead a healthy life, there are a number of  treatment options available with high rates of success. Exposure therapy is considered one of the best treatments for specific phobias.

Psychology Today – Fears and Fearlessness in Phobic Patients – Psychology Today ago

Is the Director of the Anxiety and Phobia Center at White Plains Hospital. Fears and Fearlessness in Phobic Patients. Confronting phobias and other fears. on ABC News This ABC News story highlights this unique program combines counseling, cognitive awareness and aqua phobic specific water adjustment skills to help participants of all ages overcome their fear of water and ease their way into th…

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