Certain Phobias Will Prevent Some from Enjoying the Beach this Summer


For most people, the sound of waves and the feel of sand between their toes brings on a state of bliss and relaxation. Unfortunately for others with a specific phobia, even the thought of going to the beach can bring on anxiety symptoms. Cymophobia is the technical name for “fear of waves” and Thalassophobia refers to “fear of the sea”.

Fear Of Waves – Help for Fear Of Waves – Phobias | FearofStuff.com


Cymophobia is the fear of waves, or wave-like motions. For some, a fear of the water and the dangers it presents can be tied into this phobia. For others, this.


Fear of the Sea – Help for Fear of the Sea – Phobias | FearofStuff.com


Continue reading to learn more about symptoms, causes, and ways to overcome the Fear of the Sea. Immediate help to overcome anxiety. What Is Fear of the Sea. sea 1 Surfers come for the waves and stay for as long as they can ride.

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