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If you’re one of the many people suffering in silence with paruresis or shy bladder, you know the incredible impact bashful bladder syndrome can have on virtually all aspects of your life and how challenging it can be to find help. Fortunately, a high quality comprehensive and affordable system developed with a Doctor of Clinical Psychology specifically for overcoming paruresis is now available so you don’t need to continue to live your life around your anxiety.

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Severe bouts of anxiety can play havoc with the life of a paruretic. Even worse, it can prove to be obstructive in the recovery cycle of an ailing person. Hence, it is advisable to start treating anxiety using various techniques along with paruresis so that it doesn't turn chronic.

You've probably heard of people having social anxiety disorder or social phobia. These conditions are difficult but not impossible to deal with. What you may not have heard of is paruresis, also known as "shy bladder syndrome." But what does paruresis have to do with social anxiety? Read more to find the answer to this question and others you may have!

There is little information available about Paruresis which is why for those suffering from it, the problem can prove to be traumatic. As the disorder progresses, it is crucial that information is shared and made available to those needing it. The links in this post talk about what the disorder actually is and how it can be overcome.