Specific Phobias and Fears

Social anxiety can prove to be a real hindrance in our goal to lead to a healthy and strong life. As is true for every other ailment, information is key to its detection, prevention and cure. However, most of the time this information is not available. This article lists some resources that have real and valuable information for people with social anxiety.

Most people can enjoy a drink or two in a social situation. But for people with social anxiety, alcohol can become a crutch.

Exercise is good for just about everything, right? According to one study, it may not be the cure-all we think it is.

You may think that constant worry is what keeps people with anxiety awake at night. A new study suggests that it may actually be caused by a very basic fear.

Driving anxiety is just another form of fear that can lead to disastrous consequences. Several researches have concluded that hypnosis is helpful to some extent in its treatment and can lead to complete recovery when used alongside prescribed medication.

Is Driving Anxiety keeping you from being independent? Learn about how a woman with intense driving anxiety was able to overcome her fear.

Does Driving Anxiety necessarily impair your driving, or does the heightened awareness make you a more alert driver? Find out what researchers have to say about it.

Electric cars are on the rise, and with them comes a new common anxiety.

When you think of a person with a phobia, what 's the first thing that comes to mind? A doctor who specializes in treating phobias separates truth from reality.

For two women with arachnophobia, exposure therapy cured them of their deep-rooted fears. Find out how exposure therapy can work in your brain to eliminate your specific phobia.
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