Specific Phobias and Fears

You have probably heard of some pretty strange and puzzling phobias like the fear of clowns and the fear of black cats. One rather unusual phobia is shown to be affecting more of the population than it once did. Read what an increasingly large number of people say they're afraid of.

You may have heard the recent hype about how chronic stress can actually speed up the aging process. No one wants to look or feel older, but you can't realistically cut all the stress out of your life, right? So what can be done about it? Read some suggestions researchers have come up with for reducing stress. These tips may extend your lifespan!

The future cars from Ford will measure your stress and driving anxiety. Sounds unbelievable but if a joint project between Ford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is successful, future cars will ensure a stress free ride for people suffering from driving anxiety.

We all travel to our workplaces either driving our cars or using public transport. In both cases, we spend an awful lot of time sitting when it could have been utilized walking, running, or performing any other physical activity. This may lead to chronic tension, stress, and anxiety.

Learn about two rare phobias: Cymophobia and Thalassophobia.

Does the shape and color of a spider explain arachnophobia?

Could your childhood fear of the dark carry over to adulthood and lead to insomnia?

Treatment for speech impediments and social phobia is now at your fingertips. Learn more about using the Internet to combat social anxiety.

The modern lifestyle has brought with it numerous phobias. Research is being undertaken all over the world to cure the known ailments, but what about the ones about which there isn't any definite information? This article shares information about some lesser known phobias.

How do phobias rule our everyday routine? We allow them to! When we let them take control of our life, it becomes very difficult. Take a cue from the resources available in this article and vow to eliminate phobias and panic attacks altogether.
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