Specific Phobias and Fears

Left untreated, social phobia can rob you of a lot of fun and enriching social experiences. Most people simply don't understand that even though you want to reach out to them, your anxiety makes you feel incapable of doing so. Come read about social phobia and how it affects your brain.

Having fears in your childhood is perfectly normal, but can they have an impact on you once you've grown up? A group discussion of childhood phobias and their potential effects on an adult are discussed in a lighthearted and informative manner.

If you're someone who likes to socialize and draw support from those around you, you may want to consider trying a new approach to treatment: group therapy. Find out how it works and how it can be used to treat people with anxiety disorders.

We've all heard it before: "Don't worry," or "Don't fret!" But we're only starting to find out just how harmful excessive anxiety can be to our health, physical and emotional. The effects of anxiety disorders are all too real, and new research is revealing a dangerous trend.

It's natural for a new mom to be concerned with her baby's health and happiness, but what happens when concern turns to obsessive, anxiety-producing thoughts? Read this article to find out how OCD can change a once-healthy woman's life.

Phobias can be extremely stressful and disruptive to one's life if they are left untreated. Fortunately, phobias are very treatable, and full recovery is possible for most people who seek out professional therapy and stick with it. Read how treatment for phobias may be enhanced.

It may shock you to find out that the number of suicides is on the rise. Unfortunately, mental health workers are not always able to recognize when someone who is troubled by mental illness is going to commit suicide. Read about new research that reveals a connection between panic attacks and suicide attempts.

When a child or teen is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, many parents may feel lost about what to do. Even some mental health experts can have difficulty finding an appropriate way to treat a young person who is struggling with anxiety. A new program in New York is designed to deal with this issue.

The very first panic attack can be a frightening thing. If you're the one having the attack, you can feel like your very life is in danger. If you're watching someone have an attack, it can also be disturbing. Read what one man with panic disorder recommends.
Children and teenagers can be affected with anxiety disorders just as adults can. Parents may be confused when this occurs, because the signs and symptoms may be more difficult to recognize in someone who is underage. Read this article to find out what anxiety conditions look like in kids.
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