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Depression and anxiety affect a significant portion of the population, and one can sometimes lead to the other. One population at risk for developing feelings of depression or anxiety is pregnant women. Find out how these two disorders can affect moms-to-be.

Most people would agree that under certain circumstances, it is totally normal to have a panic attack. Who would expect someone to stay calm when being attacked by a bear, for example. But one teacher of psychiatry does not believe panic attacks are ever normal. Read more here!

One of the most difficult things about getting treatment for a mental health condition is that there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Different people respond to treatment in different ways, and what works wonders for one person may do absolutely nothing for another. Find out how a researcher is trying new methods to help treat PTSD.

As unsympathetic as the suggestion may sound, some psychology experts have proposed that an important reason people suffer from social anxiety is because they are overly focused on themselves. A blog post on PsychCentral discusses how self-absorption can affect people who are hyper-aware of how others perceive them.

People with asthma sometimes experience an attack when they are feeling highly emotional. This may be one reason why people with asthma see a worsening of symptoms if they also suffer from an anxiety disorder or depression. Read more about it here.

There are a lot of people who are uncomfortable with the idea of taking medication to relieve the symptoms of their mental health condition. Many of us have heard of the numerous unpleasant side effects that people experience when they take drugs that are supposed to help them. A new study shows that there may be surprising benefits for taking a popular group of medications.

People who have panic attacks usually find them debilitating enough to seek treatment for them. But just what kinds of treatment actually work? Some people advocate the use of prescribed medication to correct the biological problem that can trigger panic attacks. Others swear by therapy. Read one interesting perspective here.

For some people, struggling with anxiety can eventually lead to depression. Depression is a very difficult disorder, and it can make anxiety even harder to deal with. Sometimes people who develop depression (especially in conjunction with anxiety) do not even realize what they have. Find out how to recognize depression here.

The debate about whether video gaming will necessarily lead to unhealthy behaviors has been going on for years. Can video game violence eventually turn into real life violence by players? Are people with a mental health illness more likely to be affected by video gaming? Read what a gamer with OCD has to say about it.

OCD is a serious and all-consuming illness. Even children can find themselves caught in the unhealthy and seemingly relentless patterns that are a major part of an obsessive-compulsive's life. It seems that OCD is becoming more and more common, which has led researchers to question: What causes OCD? Read about the latest findings here.
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