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It may be hard to believe, but Americans are now the group most likely to have issues related to anxiety. What's to blame for this new development? Materialism? Financial worries? A lack of time off from work? It's difficult to say exactly what the cause of this problem is, but we should still work on correcting it. Read some simple tips for reducing your own anxiety.

People who have Social Anxiety Disorder know how much it can interfere with forming and maintaining healthy relationships. Dating can be especially challenging for these individuals because the anxiety and the desire for approval become more pronounced around potential partners. Find out what a study shows about the effects of social anxiety on aggression in romantic relationships.

Women have made significant progress in the workplace in the past few decades. Unfortunately, for some women it may be at the expense of their heart health. New information indicates that women are more vulnerable to heart problems if they have to deal with constant stress at work. Find out more about the research which provided this new data.

Experts can't always determine why someone develops obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The illness affects people of all ages, and it can be severe in any age category. So what causes OCD, something in the brain? Or is it triggered by some factor in the environment? For one student from Pace University who has OCD, an auto accident is to blame.

Alzheimer is a common problem and so is stress. So scientists from the field of medicine are conducting a research to find out if both are related in any way.

Can unconscious thoughts affect our level of anxiety? Freud thought so!

Think actors are immune to psychological disorders? Find out which celebrities live(lived) with anxiety and how it has affected their life and their career.

Could achieving digestive health be the key to lowering your anxiety?

Getting your anxiety under control could mean the difference between life and death.

When menopause sets in, it is natural for women to get anxious. However, such anxiety is completely treatable and should not be allowed to take over your body and senses. With a little patience, right counseling, and knowledge, the phase passes on.
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