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Recently, a US Congressman made headlines for announcing his temporary departure from Congress. To many people's surprise, it has been revealed that the government official has been receiving treatment for a mood disorder. Read more about what may have contributed to the congressman's condition and find out which illnesses can be classified as mood disorders.

Stress can make just about any illness worse. In a relatively healthy person, stress can lead to a weakened immune system, skin and hair problems, and an inability to sleep. For people with multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease of the nervous system, stress can actually cause symptoms to appear more frequently. Read about how treating stress in MS patients improved their health.

Many people with anxiety disorders are uncomfortable with the idea of taking medications. Drug therapy can make a big difference for some who suffer from high anxiety, but it's true that it doesn't work for everyone. People with mild to moderate anxiety may benefit from more recreational methods like art therapy. Find out more about how art can be used to treat anxiety.

A lot of studies have shown the benefits to your health of having a drink or two at dinnertime. But when alcohol and other drugs are being used to cope with negative emotions and stress, things can get dangerous. The last thing you want to do if you suffer from high stress is to add another problem to your life, but how do you know when alcohol has become a crutch? Read more to find out how to set limits and when to seek help.

You may have heard of some of the negative effects fillings used to have on a child's health over time. But it turns out the newer cavity fillings may also pose a health risk. What does this mean for children and adults who have already had the new fillings put in over the past decades? Read more to find out what research is showing.

Compliance, or getting people to follow their prescribed treatment, can be a big issue in mental health. For some people with depression, though, there may be another reason for the failure to take necessary medication regularly. Find out how healthcare policies can prevent some people with serious mental and physical health conditions from getting the help they need.

It seems that rates of depression may be increasing in more than one population. A survey of students reveals an alarming jump in the number of teens who report feelings of depression. The survey of teenagers also showed some interesting trends related to drug and alcohol use. Read more to find out what the survey shows about adolescent mental health.

Everyone can benefit from some form of exercise, whether it's a walk around the park or a five-mile run in the morning. The positive effects on your physical and mental health are noticeable, but there has been some debate on just how much exercise can help you with depression. Read to find out what a Swedish study has recently found related to physical fitness and depression.

What if a blood test could be used to screen for depression? A new study seems to indicate this may be possible, but skeptics are warning people not to buy into the idea just yet. Would you want to know if your child was at a higher risk for depression? Read more about the study and its critics here.

Researchers have noted high levels of anxiety and mental illness in people who are struggling to make ends meet. What psychologists are unsure about is whether poverty leads to mental illness or mental illness causes poverty. One man insists that psychiatrists are to blame for the subsequent poverty caused by misdiagnosis. Read his argument and decide what you think.
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