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How You Can Help Your Anxious Child…

Being the parent of a child struggling with anxiety and fear can be overwhelming, scary, and confusing. With so many options available, where should you turn to help your child?

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The program was developed with a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, is tailored for simple and easy use with children, has been recommended by parents and professionals, is completely natural, and is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

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Many people with anxiety disorders are uncomfortable with the idea of taking medications. Drug therapy can make a big difference for some who suffer from high anxiety, but it's true that it doesn't work for everyone. People with mild to moderate anxiety may benefit from more recreational methods like art therapy. Find out more about how art can be used to treat anxiety.

You may have heard of some of the negative effects fillings used to have on a child's health over time. But it turns out the newer cavity fillings may also pose a health risk. What does this mean for children and adults who have already had the new fillings put in over the past decades? Read more to find out what research is showing.

A lot of people have trouble understanding why those with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can not stop repeating their strange rituals and behaviors. Why don't they just try to control themselves, healthy people wonder. But it isn't that simple. OCD essentially forces the person to perform the behavior even if it doesn't make sense. Read how a concerned parent learned to understand how OCD was affecting her son.

Walking is generally known to produce good health. However, walking barefoot on sand and grass has a number of therapeutic effects in addition to the ones already known. It not only exercises the foot muscles and ligaments thereby strengthening the knees and upper body but also relaxes the mind of stress and anxiety.

All children suffer from some form of anxiety that is situation-driven. However, with some kids, this anxiety is so severe that it prevents them from doing what they should be doing on a regular basis like going to school, interacting within a group, playing, and so on. There is now a computer program that will help them talk to on-screen avatars and react to situations that they may face in real life. All this with a single point objective; making them more confident and efficient is dealing with everyday real life situations.

The role of computers in our day to day lives is beyond discussion. However, when it comes to treatment of anxiety, especially in kids, their importance is unheard of. However, new research reveals that computer-aided programs can aid in full recovery.

Hear about anxiety from the perspective of teenagers by watching these two videos that were produced and directed by high-school students.

A new program called computer therapy may provide an alternative to medication for children living with high levels of anxiety.

It's important for anxiety disorders in children to be properly treated. Researchers are working on making this happen.

Do you know a child who has OCD? A new app may be able to help. Read about it here.
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