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If you’re one of the millions of people anxiety or panic attacks, you know the incredible damage it can have on virtually all aspects of your life and how challenging and overwhelming it can be to get help. Fortunately, a high quality, comprehensive, and affordable system developed with a Doctor of Clinical Psychology specifically for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks is now available so you don’t need to continue to live your life accommodating or avoiding your fear.

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For many people with mental health illnesses, prescribed medications and various forms of therapy can work wonders. But for others, these methods may not be as effective as expected. Find out how people who may not be getting enough out of traditional treatment can benefit from trying yoga techniques.

Phobias can be extremely stressful and disruptive to one's life if they are left untreated. Fortunately, phobias are very treatable, and full recovery is possible for most people who seek out professional therapy and stick with it. Read how treatment for phobias may be enhanced.

Retirement is a goal that everyone works to reach in their older years. We all look forward to the rest and relaxation that come with it. Unfortunately planning for retirement can be rather stressful for many people. Read how you can make it less so.

It may shock you to find out that the number of suicides is on the rise. Unfortunately, mental health workers are not always able to recognize when someone who is troubled by mental illness is going to commit suicide. Read about new research that reveals a connection between panic attacks and suicide attempts.

For some people, being surrounded by nature is one of the most relaxing and refreshing experiences imaginable. For others, contentment may be achieved through doing something as simple as watching an old movie. Where do you find yourself feeling the most at ease?

We all know how stress can be harmful to our health, but is it possible that it can also be helpful to us? According to a recent psychology study, the answer is yes! Find out how you can turn your stress into something productive.

When a child or teen is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, many parents may feel lost about what to do. Even some mental health experts can have difficulty finding an appropriate way to treat a young person who is struggling with anxiety. A new program in New York is designed to deal with this issue.

We still don't know why some people develop mental health conditions while others remain healthy. Is there some environmental cause, a hereditary component, or a combination of the two? Come read about new information that supports a genetic factor.

The very first panic attack can be a frightening thing. If you're the one having the attack, you can feel like your very life is in danger. If you're watching someone have an attack, it can also be disturbing. Read what one man with panic disorder recommends.

Thanks to modern science, we are now aware of things in the brain that can indicate the presence of certain diseases. But what if there was something in the brain which would help scientists identify people who are at risk for PTSD?
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