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If you’re one of the millions of people anxiety or panic attacks, you know the incredible damage it can have on virtually all aspects of your life and how challenging and overwhelming it can be to get help. Fortunately, a high quality, comprehensive, and affordable system developed with a Doctor of Clinical Psychology specifically for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks is now available so you don’t need to continue to live your life accommodating or avoiding your fear.

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a subject about which there isn't much information available on the web. However, if its symptoms are not recognized in time, it can demolish your life and keep you from performing even the most basic activities normally.

The biggest problem with stress-related ailments is that people tend to get angry and irrational. This is often the result of either lack of treatment or the wrong diagnosis and medication. While it is easy to deal with stress and anger through the right approach, it is critical that the symptoms are correctly analyzed and diagnosed in the first place.

Most people can enjoy a drink or two in a social situation. But for people with social anxiety, alcohol can become a crutch.

Exercise is good for just about everything, right? According to one study, it may not be the cure-all we think it is.

You may think that constant worry is what keeps people with anxiety awake at night. A new study suggests that it may actually be caused by a very basic fear.

Can a new computer program relieve anxiety in children? Learn how it works and what the results are showing.

Can simple changes in your daily routine positively affect your child's energy?

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy provides parents with a new option for treating their child's anxiety.

Do soldiers risk losing their new best friend? Service dogs are increasingly difficult to get onto military bases due to new regulations.

Driving anxiety is just another form of fear that can lead to disastrous consequences. Several researches have concluded that hypnosis is helpful to some extent in its treatment and can lead to complete recovery when used alongside prescribed medication.
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