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The future cars from Ford will measure your stress and driving anxiety. Sounds unbelievable but if a joint project between Ford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is successful, future cars will ensure a stress free ride for people suffering from driving anxiety.

It is no secret that breathing and meditation can help you reach a state of calm and peace. When done correctly and regularly, deep breathing can do wonders to your stress issues and overall well-being.

We all travel to our workplaces either driving our cars or using public transport. In both cases, we spend an awful lot of time sitting when it could have been utilized walking, running, or performing any other physical activity. This may lead to chronic tension, stress, and anxiety.

Alzheimer is a common problem and so is stress. So scientists from the field of medicine are conducting a research to find out if both are related in any way.

Depression has a direct relation with our food intake. That is well-known. However, new research reveals that vitamin D in particular, can boost our system and increasing its intake can help reduce depression.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Although no one could ever fully understand unless they are living with the condition, this video can provide some insight.

Can unconscious thoughts affect our level of anxiety? Freud thought so!

Is your upcoming vacation making you anxious? Check out these tips for minimizing your vacation anxiety.

Anxiety is incredibly common when a moving date is fast approaching. Read all about moving anxiety and how you can minimize it.

Walking is generally known to produce good health. However, walking barefoot on sand and grass has a number of therapeutic effects in addition to the ones already known. It not only exercises the foot muscles and ligaments thereby strengthening the knees and upper body but also relaxes the mind of stress and anxiety.
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