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Since the show Hoarders appeared on the air, people have become more aware of the mental illness that causes someone to compulsively collect items and refuse to get rid of them. But does everyone who hoards have OCD? Read this article to find out what researchers have discovered about OCD and hoarding.

Driving anxiety has a noticeable effect on one's social life and ability to complete everyday tasks. For someone who has had a negative experience on the road, driving without fear can seem like an unattainable goal. However, there are certain things which can make driving less nerve-wracking. Read about some of them here.

Anyone who has suffered from OCD knows that it can make every day a struggle. The good news is that new medications, treatment methods, and Internet resources continue to be developed. An author who writes for Psychology Today discusses his personal experience with OCD and how he copes.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, can affect anyone who has lived through a life-altering event. But can certain personality traits or behaviors increase someone's chances of developing PTSD? Read to find out more about it.

In a study from last year, researchers investigated the relationship between anxiety/stress and decision-making. Anxiety has effects on the mind and the body which change the way you react in certain situations. Find out what anxiety does to you and how you can learn to keep a clear mind.

Anxiety is usually thought of as an adult problem, but it can affect children as well. It can be difficult trying to help a child cope with anxiety. What should you say? How can you make the child feel safe? If you'd like to know more about what to do for an anxious child, read this article.

The holidays can be filled with fun and excitement, but for some people they are a source of stress or pain. If the holiday season is something that fills you with dread, you may be suffering from holiday-induced anxiety or depression. Come read about how to recognize holiday stress and how to handle it.

In a desperate or stressful situation, most people feel a higher amount of anxiety than usual. When this happens, what do you tend to do? Ask for advice from those around, you, of course! But is this always a good idea? Read more about it here.

As with many mental health disorders, experts have differing opinions on why people develop social anxiety. An interesting theory in psychology proposes that social anxiety may be related to levels of the hormone called progesterone. Read more about the potential link between progesterone and social anxiety.

Dietary supplements are recommended for people with all kinds of ailments. But could adding certain things to your diet actually help you to feel less stressed, less anxious, or less depressed? According to a new article, the answer is yes! Read about it here.
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