Can Probiotics Reduce Anxiety Symptoms?


Adding a probiotic supplement and/or eating a variety of probiotic-rich foods may help ward off anxiety symptoms. Probiotics are the “good bacteria” that reside inside a person’s digestive tract. A diet high in sugar, a session of antibiotics, or an undiagnosed food allergy can all cause harmful bacteria to flourish and quickly outnumber the good bacteria. Foods that are high in probiotics include: yogurt, kefir, miso soup, tempeh, pickles, and kombucha.

Do Probiotics Help Anxiety? | Psychology Today


More evidence of the gut-brain connection By Emily Deans, M.D. …

Probiotic bacteria may lessen anxiety and depression-related


Probiotic bacteria have the potential to alter brain neurochemistry and treat depression – related disorders and anxiety according to research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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