Can A Blood Test Detect Depression?


Methods for screening for mental health issues have improved over the past few decades. Questionnaires and interviews are designed for individuals and their loved ones to allow mental health workers and doctors to determine how best to help someone in need.

A new study made headlines when it showed that a group of teenagers with major depression had the same chromosomal markers which the healthy participants did not have. People are now wondering if these genetic differences are truly linked to depression. If so, doctors could look for these markers and use them to identify certain people who are at a higher risk for becoming depressed.

One article notes that the findings of the study may not be as straightforward as they seem. Read more about why some aren’t quite ready to call the blood test a legitimate means of identifying depression.

‘Depression blood test’ still experimental – Ballymoney and Moyle Times

‘Depression blood test’ still experimentalBallymoney and Moyle TimesCurrently, depression is diagnosed by a doctor using validated diagnostic methods. A doctor will question how a person is feeling and ask about their general health and wellbeing, ra …

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