Anxiety potholes are pockets of anxiety that can sideline you at any time, making your life’s path very bumpy and full of hazards. But you can fill them in with five pothole-repairing techniques to make your life much smoother. Part five of the five-part series encourages you to create a morning “Power Hour” to squash your anxiety and set the tone for your day.

Learn how the stories you have gotten used to telling yourself dictate your experience of your world, creating and fueling your anxiety, stress, or even panic attacks. Part one of a three-part series "Rewriting Your Anxiety Story".

Discover the damaging duo of "shenpa and klesha," the role they play in creating and perpetuating your anxiety, and how to get started defeating them. Part two of a three-part series "Rewriting Your Anxiety Story".

Find out how you can interrupt the automatic negative storyline that becomes habitual and feeds your anxiety by learning to "purge the urge." Part three of a three-part series "Rewriting Your Anxiety Story".

Learn how "checking gauges" can help with anxiety, and four ways practicing a mental training exercise can help you overcome your fears, regain your confidence, and lead a happier and less stressful life. Part two of a three-part series, "Emotional Fluidity."

Learn how the ever changing and fluid nature of emotions and mindfulness training can be used in concert to help overcome anxiety, phobias, or panic attacks. Part three of the three-part series, "Emotional Fluidity."

Your anxiety can be made easier by learning how to "surf anxiety" and make the most of your "anxiety umbrella." Part one of a three-part series, "Emotional Fluidity."

Discover the Amazing Role Cutting Edge Science and Technologies Such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is having in Anxiety Treatment
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