The very first panic attack can be a frightening thing. If you're the one having the attack, you can feel like your very life is in danger. If you're watching someone have an attack, it can also be disturbing. Read what one man with panic disorder recommends.

Thanks to modern science, we are now aware of things in the brain that can indicate the presence of certain diseases. But what if there was something in the brain which would help scientists identify people who are at risk for PTSD?

Depression can be very difficult to cope with, especially when the usual methods of treatment don't seem to be working. Read about how a blogger with long-term depression was finally able to break free from her illness.

People who feel stressed, isolated and unable to get help are much more likely to consider suicide. It's important that they realize there are numerous resources available to them. Read about a new tool being used to screen for depression.
Children and teenagers can be affected with anxiety disorders just as adults can. Parents may be confused when this occurs, because the signs and symptoms may be more difficult to recognize in someone who is underage. Read this article to find out what anxiety conditions look like in kids.

One topic which is highly interesting to those who study psychology is how fear is triggered in the body. By learning how the fear response works, doctors will be better able to treat anxiety-related conditions in people. Here is what new research is showing about the emotion of fear.

Psychology experts who study the science of anxiety have long taken notice of brain differences between healthy people and people with anxiety disorders. The results of a recent study may provide some important information about how to help correct these brain issues. Read about it here.

Any person with social anxiety is likely to cringe at the prospect of meeting new people. Unfortunately, networking is of major importance in many career fields. So how can someone get past the fear and make the professional connections he or she needs?

Everyone experiences stress at times, and some stress can actually be good for you by providing drive and motivation. When stress gets out of hand, though, it can take a toll on your overall health. Learn why you should learn how to manage your stress and anxiety.

It's becoming increasingly important to find effective ways to treat anxiety disorders and depression in younger populations. Adolescents can be especially vulnerable to these illnesses because of the hormonal changes they experience. Read about how mental health conditions are affecting teens.
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