Getting your anxiety under control could mean the difference between life and death.

When menopause sets in, it is natural for women to get anxious. However, such anxiety is completely treatable and should not be allowed to take over your body and senses. With a little patience, right counseling, and knowledge, the phase passes on.

All children suffer from some form of anxiety that is situation-driven. However, with some kids, this anxiety is so severe that it prevents them from doing what they should be doing on a regular basis like going to school, interacting within a group, playing, and so on. There is now a computer program that will help them talk to on-screen avatars and react to situations that they may face in real life. All this with a single point objective; making them more confident and efficient is dealing with everyday real life situations.

Learn about two rare phobias: Cymophobia and Thalassophobia.

As support and trust on alternative medicine for stress and anxiety gains ground, new treatments are evolving. Aromatherapy is one such treatment. However, its use is not new. For centuries, medical professionals have openly recommended aromatherapy for treating stress and anxiety.

The role of computers in our day to day lives is beyond discussion. However, when it comes to treatment of anxiety, especially in kids, their importance is unheard of. However, new research reveals that computer-aided programs can aid in full recovery.

Studies and experiences of the patients will tell you that medication alone cannot take care of our anxiety and stress. People who fought stress and anxiety successfully relied not only on medication but also good dietary habits to ward off these evils.

The arguments for and against the use of marijuana in treating PTSD exist at various levels. However, unless sufficient and concrete evidence is produced to suggest that it actually helps, it will remain a debate.

Acupuncture has an undeniable reputation when it comes to dealing with health issues that were once considered treatable only with medicine. In keeping with its growing popularity, researchers are exploring its possibilities in dealing with stress related disorders as well.

Hear about anxiety from the perspective of teenagers by watching these two videos that were produced and directed by high-school students.
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