Can unconscious thoughts affect our level of anxiety? Freud thought so!

Is your upcoming vacation making you anxious? Check out these tips for minimizing your vacation anxiety.

Anxiety is incredibly common when a moving date is fast approaching. Read all about moving anxiety and how you can minimize it.

Walking is generally known to produce good health. However, walking barefoot on sand and grass has a number of therapeutic effects in addition to the ones already known. It not only exercises the foot muscles and ligaments thereby strengthening the knees and upper body but also relaxes the mind of stress and anxiety.

Tired of counting sheep? Try this gentle face massage to lull yourself into a blissful sleep.

Just a few simple ingredients will provide provide you with enhanced relaxation as you unwind with a nice hot bath at the end of the day.

Want to begin a yoga routine but don't know where to start? Try this 15 minute video geared towards stress and anxiety relief.

For many years, studies had indicated a possible relation between heart strokes and PTSD. However, recent research has conclusively stated that younger people who suffer from a heart attack fear more for their life, get uncomfortable even at slight discomforts, and develop acute symptoms of PTSD.

Think actors are immune to psychological disorders? Find out which celebrities live(lived) with anxiety and how it has affected their life and their career.

Could achieving digestive health be the key to lowering your anxiety?
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