Australian Program Will Screen 3-Year-Olds for Mental Illness


A new program has been launched in Australia that will screen preschool children for mental illness, including extreme anxiety. Some parents are a fan of the new program and feel that it will ensure their children receive early intervention if necessary. Others feel that the program will result in unnecessary labeling and an over-prescription of psychiatric drugs to young children. More information can be found at the sources below:

Sydney Morning HeraldMental health check for kidsSydney Morning HeraldThree-year-olds will be screened for early signs of mental illness in a new federal government program that uses behaviours such as sleeping with the light on, having temper tantru …


Preschoolers to get mental health checks – Yahoo!7 News

Yahoo!7 NewsPreschoolers to get mental health checksYahoo!7 NewsAustralian preschoolers are set to be screened for early signs of mental illness as part of a voluntary Government-funded program. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) supports a Fed …

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