Army Conducts New Study on PTSD


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that can develop after a negative, jarring event. Surviving a fire or an attack can lead to PTSD in some people.

Another circumstance that can lead to PTSD is being in a war. This means men and women who serve in the military are at a higher risk for getting the disorder. They may not know how to deal with the feelings of anxiety or they may not understand why they aren’t functioning normally.

The army and the Department of Veterans Affairs are starting a new program to help veterans deal with PTSD. Read more about the plan for assisting soldiers who struggle with PTSD.

Army, VA partner for PTSD drug study – Stars and Stripes

Stars and StripesArmy, VA partner for PTSD drug studyStars and StripesAn Army office at Fort Detrick and a veterans program are teaming up to study drugs that could help treat combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder.and moreᅠ» …

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