Arachnophobia: A Possible Explanation


Fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias experienced, and it may be so prevalent simply because of the shape and color of the arachnids. Scientists believe that the angular shape of the spider’s legs, when paired with its unpredictable movements and dark colors, taps into a human’s basic defense mechanisms.

Humans hardwired to fear spider’s angular legs and unpredictability – BioScholar News

Humans hardwired to fear spider’s angular legs and unpredictabilityBioScholar NewsScientists believe that they have worked out why humans fear spiders more … from Plymouth University, said their angular shaped legs, dark colours and the fact …Sci …

Spiders are ‘misunderstood’ and feared for their shape – are ‘misunderstood’ and feared for their are the source of fear for thousands because of the shape of their legs and … Their fast movements scuttling across floors into dark corners also tap into . …

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