Anxiety Studies Reveals Women’s Brains Work Harder


A study at Michigan State University was published on May 29th in the International Journal of Psychophysiology. The study revealed that higher levels of brain activity are detected among women who identify as anxious. When compared those of their anxious male counterparts, anxious women’s brains were found to be working harder.

Anxiety causes women’s brains to work harder – CBS News

PsychCentral.comAnxiety causes women’s brains to work harderCBS NewsThe National Institute of Mental Health reports that women are 60 percent more likely than men to experience an anxiety disorder over their lifetime. Overall, about 22.8 percent of a …


Anxiety cranks up activity in women’s brains –

RedOrbitAnxiety cranks up activity in women’s brainsmsnbc.comWomen who worry a lot have brains that work overtime even during easy tasks, new research suggests. The findings could help in the identification and treatment of anxiety disorders, accordi …

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