Anxiety: New Revelations, Facts, and Findings


For those of us suffering from anxiety disorders, information is as important as our life-saving medication. This is especially true when new findings and facts are being discovered. Get your dose of the latest news doing the rounds in this post.

High-Fat Diet Linked to Depression, Anxiety in Mice | Psych Central

A high-fat diet has been linked with depression and anxiety in mice, according to a new study by the Universite de Montreal.

Psychiatry News Article | Age-dependent and -independent – MDLinx

Psychiatry Medical Article: Age-dependent and -independent associations between depression, anxiety, DHEAS, and cortisol: From the MIPH Industrial Cohort Studies (MICS)

Smartphone Application May Ease Anxiety | News | The Harvard

A recent study by Harvard psychologists found that a smart phone application could reduce anxiety for people suffering from social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety.

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