Anxiety Increases Risk of Stroke


A new study performed at the University College of London suggests that those with anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia have an increased risk of dying from a stroke. Although similar studies have been conducted in the past that have linked depression with an increased risk of stroke, this is the first reputable study concerning the relationship between anxiety and the risk of stroke related death.

Depression, Anxiety May Increase Risk Of Dying From Stroke: Study


Depression, anxiety and problems sleeping are linked with an increased risk of dying from stroke, a new study suggests. Researchers from University College London found that people who had these conditions of

Depression, Anxiety and Your Risk of Stroke | dailyRx


A new study suggests that those who are affected by anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and loss of confidence may be more likely to die due to a stroke (cerebrovascular disease) than those who do not suffer from


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