Anxiety Disorders: Are They On the Rise?


The fast-paced lifestyle many of us have become accustomed to does not always provide time for rest, relaxation and reflection. We often feel pressured to do things quickly, demanding instant results, and rarely making space in our busy schedule to do what we need to take care of ourselves.

The negative financial outlook for the future has only served to increase our daily anxieties and fears. Many people are working several jobs to make ends meet, some are unable to find work at all, and others are being forced to take longer hours or accept smaller salaries.

An article for a publication in the United Kingdom discusses various factors that may contribute to the influx of people being admitted to hospitals for anxiety-related conditions like panic attacks. Among the proposed explanations for the increase are the incorrect labeling of normal anxiety as a disorder, greater access to mental health care, and more stress related to work or finances.

If you want to know more about recent statistics related to mental health disorders, you can read the article at the link provided here:

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