Anxiety: Coping Strategies You Can Use


The biggest challenge the victims of any form of stress or anxiety face is the ability to come to terms with it. Also, in the absence of clear-cut advice and counselling, they can easily fall prey to the wrong advice or medication. The following resources are helpful in understanding how to cope with anxiety and eventually overcome it.

Positive Reframing, Acceptance and Humor Are the Most Effective

ScienceDaily (July 4, 2011) — New research from the University of Kent has revealed that positive reframing, acceptance and humour are the most effective coping strategies for people dealing with failures.

Coping With Anxiety Is A Thing That Can In Fact Be Accomplished

Anxiety has been increasing as a trend as a lot more folks are suffering from it but the worst part is that folks are becoming nervous, worried, and scared.

Recommended Resources

Click below to view our recommended resources for coping with and overcoming anxiety or panic attacks:

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