An Unexpected and Fairly Common Phobia


Nomophobia: the fear of being without your cell phone.

With the growing use of cellular phones for just about every personal task, it’s no wonder that 66 percent of people are anxious about not having their cell phone with them.

Unlike many other phobias like agoraphobia, the fear of not having your cell phone with you is not usually debilitating. What is a concern is how dependent society, particularly the younger generation, has become on mobile devices. Studies have shown that some people will experience symptoms of withdrawal when forced to part from their electronics. iPhone users are especially known to be unreasonably attached to their mobile devices.

You can read more about the nomophobia and how it’s affecting people by following the link.

Growing number of people with nomophobia – KVUE (blog)

Growing number of people with nomophobiaKVUE (blog)A growing number of people are apparently suffering from a relatively new kind of phobia called nomophobia. That’s the fear and anxiety of being separated from your mobile phone.Friday the 13th highl …

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