An In-Depth Look at Social Phobia


If you have social phobia (also known as social anxiety), you know how difficult it can be to enjoy yourself around others. Social phobia makes you so self-conscious that you feel like you can’t be yourself because you might do something that will make others disapprove of you. You may even appear calm to others, but inside you feel terrified and unsure.

Social anxiety can make you afraid to try new things, to visit new places, and to develop new relationships.

It may seem easier to just give up and accept that you’ll never be comfortable around people. In reality, you are capable of living a much richer and more satisfying life. Read some helpful advice from a Psychology professor below. It may change your outlook and help you become a more open person.

Show Off Your Social Self | Psychology Today


We fear other people virtually as much as we fear spiders and snakes. Studies of anxiety disorders show that social phobia afflicts 12 percent of the U.S. population, right behind fear of specific objects and situations. Short of

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