Alarming Number of People Have an Acquaintance with Depression


In 2011, the CDC estimated that 10 percent of Americans come forward to ask for help with depression. It’s good that so many people are seeking treatment, but it’s difficult for some to admit they have a problem. They don’t always understand that mental health issues are not their fault. They may even feel worried about how others will perceive them– will they be judged or shunned?

A poll in Ohio showed that 40 percent of the people who participated know someone who may be depressed. It’s hard to imagine almost half of the adults in your life acting as though they were depressed.

Though depression can occur in anyone, it should still be acknowledged and monitored. Depression is treatable and does not have to be accepted as a permanent, negative fixture in your life.

One of the better points of the poll is that about two-thirds of the people who took part in it said they would know who to contact to ask for help with depression. It’s important to remember that assistance and advice for people with depression are always available.

Survey finds 40 percent know someone suffering depression – Middletown Journal

Survey finds 40 percent know someone suffering depressionMiddletown JournalFour out of 10 Ohio adults say a friend or relative has shown signs that they might suffer from depression, a statewide survey found.and moreᅠ» …

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