Agoraphobia: Understanding The Enemy Within


This disorder is relatively newly recognized, which is why there is a lot of mystery around it. However, it is rather startling that a lot of people are being diagnosed with Agoraphobia. So what is it and what are its symptoms? Check out the resources below to understand the little-known monster.

What is Agoraphobia?: The Definition of Agoraphobia and what it

Agoraphobia is a condition in which people fear being in places or situations that are outside of their familiar environment, because they are afraid of having a panic attack or any individual panic-like

First Panic Attack and Agoraphobia | Brain Posts

People with agoraphobia commonly fear situations where they may be in a crowd of people. They often fear that in such situations a panic attack may occur and they will be unable to escape.

The Widespread Effects of Agoraphobia Depression – Compassion Pit

Agoraphobia is the psychological condition where a person has anxiety and fear of being in situation which they feel vulnerable. This can make people fear leaving their home or wanting to avoid public situations of any type.

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