Acupuncture for Stress Management


Some alternative therapies have gained a lot of goodwill and trust both among the patients as well as men of science when it comes to their effectiveness in dealing with physical and mental ailments. Acupuncture is one such therapy the application of which has cured many. Researchers are now conducting various experiments to identify how well it can be used to deal with stress and anxiety related disorders.

Stress Management, Acupuncture, and Weight Loss: Dr. Oz – Suite 101

Dr. Oz informed viewers on how to reduce stress, how one viewer needs a lifestyle change, and the correlation between acupuncture and weight loss.

Reduce Your Stress with Acupuncture | Health x Wellness

Stress is becoming an epidemic, plaguing people all walks of life. To relieve the pressure, doctors have started to recommend acupuncture for their nail-biting patients instead of medications for stress and stress management.

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