A Surprising Fear May Lead to Insomnia


Insomnia is a relatively common issue known as the inability to sleep for some period of time. It can last for a few hours, a few nights, or it can remain a constant problem in your life. A study published earlier this week suggests that fear may be what keeps you from getting to sleep– that is, a fear of the dark. A surprising number of adults are fearful of being in the dark. This may interfere with the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Read more about it in an article from Huffington Post.

Insomnia Could Be Triggered By A Fear Of The Dark – Huffington Post


iScienceTimes.comInsomnia Could Be Triggered By A Fear Of The DarkHuffington PostA small, new study published Monday found that it may be relatively common for adults to be afraid of the dark, and that the fear might play a role in serious sleep prob …


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